Official Records

Microform and Computer.

NLA mfm McG3086 Power S.M. Maritime Quarantine and the Former Quarantine Station, Point N, assessment of cultural significance
ARMYREC Printouts Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, United Natio1l3 SCMA Melbourne 1995


The Army List of Officers of the Australian Military Forces vol I Melbourne 1953, 1956, 1959, 1962,
The Corps List of Officers of the ARA and RASR 1952-76
Defence Act and Regulations and Orders for the Australian Military Forces Melbourne1903, 1927, Historical Records of Australia Series III vol I Sydney 1921
Historical Records of New South Wales Sydney 1892
Historical Records of Victoria vol 2b Melbourne 1982
The Hobart Gazette 1886
Manual of Personnel Administration Canberra 1971
Military Board Instructions Melbourne 1950 et seq
Military Orders Melbourne 1911, 1918-20
Papers Presented to Parliament Commonwealth of Australia 1903,1910
Papers Presented to Parliament Victoria Legislative Assembly 1885, 1889, 1890
Parliamentary Debates Senate and House of Representatives Commonwealth of Australia Melbourne Victoria Government Gazette Melbourne 1863
Victorian Year Book Melbourne 1880-89
Votes and Proceedings New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1867-68, 1885, 1887, 1894, 1897 Votes and Proceedings Parliament of South Australia 1887
Votes and Proceedings Queensland Legislative Assembly 1885, 1889
Votes and Proceedings Western Australia Legislative Council 1882, 1884

Australian War Memorial Files

AWM 28 AWM 49 AWM 88
AWM MSS 1479
Honours and Awards Files
Army Records 1914-42
Honours and Awards Korea and Malaya OCS History and Source Material

Archives Files

Australian Archives

A3688, A748411
B2453 Sets 1,3
MP70/5, MP8411, MP367/1, MP897/1, MP927, MP1049/5,

Royal Military College Duntroon Archives

Commandants’ Graduation Addresses 1952-70

Internal Publications

The Major General Sir James Harrison Memorial Lectures 1982-93
Officer Cadet School Class Photographs 1952-85, I .
Officer Cadet School Class Scrapbooks 1952-85 ,,” \
Officer Cadet School Journals 1971-85
Officer Cadet School Roll of Graduates 1952-85

Royal Australian Corps of Transport Museum

DST Files 1-11, 6/17, 128-53-3574
DMOW-A Files Miscellaneous unclassified

Australian National Library

MSS 1827

Other Documentary Sources

Newspapers and Periodicals

The Age Melbourne 1931
The Argus Melbourne 1931
The Courier Mail Brisbane 1963
Australasian Melbourne 1902
Australasian Sketcher Melbourne 1877 Illustrated Australian News South Melbourne 1886
Illustrated London News London 1864

Reports and Pamphlets

Department of Conservation ‘A Visitor’s Guide to Point Nepean’ Melbourne 1992
Department of Army Handbook on Leadership Melbourne 1973
Leadership Theory and Practice Melbourne 1973
RMC and OCS Conditions of Entry 1964-65 Canberra 1965
Fox R.W. et al Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Royal Military College Canberra 1970
Gubb M. The Australian Military Response to the Fiji Coup: An Assessment Working Paper No 171 Canberra 1988
Military Board Australian Military Forces Dress Manual Canberra 1963
Officer Cadet School Internal publications various years:
Cadet Handbook
Graduation Ceremonies Instructions
Joining Instructions
Standing Orders
‘Portsea Quarantine Station and Defence Reserve’ nd
Power S.M., Robinson S., Trumbull-Ward A. ‘A Heritage Assessment of the Commonwealth Holdings at Portsea on Point Nepean’ Graduate School of Science Monash University
School of Army Health ‘Portsea Military Area Tour Guide School of Army Health Norris Barracks’ Portsea nd
Sullivan H. Report No 6 An Archeological Survey of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Victoria Archeological Survey Ministry of Conversation Victoria 1981
Welch J.H. ‘Point Nepean – Portsea’ Portsea 1965

Journal and Periodical Articles

Anonymous ‘Integration at OCS’ Duntroon Newsletter 2184
‘OCS Colours’ OCS Journal June 1971
‘OCS Colours’ DCS Journal December 1985
‘A Short History of OCS – Portsea’ OCS Journal June 19n )
‘OCS War Memorial’ OCS Journal June 1971
‘The Scheyville Wing at OCS’ DCS Journal June 1972
Connery D.K. ‘Canungra Report’ OCS Journal June 1985
Crocker D.R. ‘History of the OCS Badge’ OCS Journal December 1985
Cubis R.M.C. ‘The Changing Scene’ Journal of the Officer Cadet School 1955
Editorial ‘Australia and Papua New Guinea’ Australian :Journal of Politics and History 1990
Harrigan I.J. ‘Plague Ships in Port Phillip’ Port of Melbourne Quarterly vol 5 October-December 1952
Hollinshed C.N. ‘The Nepean Peninsula in the Nineteenth Century’ Victorian Historical Magazine v28 No 4 December 1958
McGregor K.R. ‘Grim Reminder of Past Activity The Cemetery’ OCS Journal June 1972
McQueen N. ‘Beyond Tok Win: The Papua New Guinea Intervention in Vanuatu,1980’ Pacific Affairs Summer 1988
Mialowski P. ‘A Wife’s Impression of OCS’ OCS Journal June 1972
Watts F. ‘The History of OCS’ OCS Journal December 1985
Williams K. ‘A Wife’s View of Portsea’ OCS Journal June 1971
York B. ‘Nightmare on Archive Street: why, how and by whom’ Australian Historical Society Bulletin September 1993

Unpublished Manuscripts

Cameron H.T. ‘Autobiography’ Chapters 16-18 draft
Holloway D. ‘Victorian Schools and the Formation of the Australian Military Elite 1904-1951’ MA Thesis
Monash University November 1991
Payne G.D. ‘An analysis of the Nature of Cadets’ Pre-entry Expectations of a Military Institution
and a Test of the Productive Utility’ Department of Defence (Army Office) 1976
Robertson J. ‘Make Me a Poem’ 1985
School of Army Health ‘Conservation Study Summary Former Quarantine Station Pt Nepean Vic’ draft nd
Tate J.E. ‘History of OCS’ Australian War Memorial MSS 1479
Various ‘Commandants’ Graduation Addresses’ RMC Archives 1952-70
Wrangle C.G. ed ‘The Major General Sir James Harrison Lectures 1982-92’ RMC Library 1992

Library, Museum, Personal and Unit Collections and Papers.

Archives Royal Military College Duntroon
Libraries Latrobe Melbourne: Local History Files and Small Picture Collection
Museums Victoria Barracks Museum and Historical Society Brisbane
Unit and other Collections Nepean Historical Society, Sorrento
School of Army Health, Portsea
Personal Collections D.J. Campbell, B. Faulkner, K.S. Fraser, D.J. McLachlan, L.A. Power, I.C. Teague, D.N. Thornton

Oral and Written Evidence

Major Written Submissions.

R.L. Bricknell, H.T. Cameron, A.C. Capina, J.W. Dalmas, O.M. Eather, E.J. Ellis, A.J. Ferguson, K.S. Fraser, F.D.L. Greenway, T.A. Grutzner, J.A. Harriot, N.J. Hughes, B. McMeekin A.A. Nikolic, P.M. Perrin, R.R. Player, Razali bin Hj Ahmad, M. Sarasau, R.L. Sayce, Tan Hang Khee, I.C. Teague, M.W. Trafford, R.B. Treloar


Oral, Written and Written Contributions.

S.B. Althaus, A. W. Ancell, D.J. Anspach, R.J. Aitkin, P.D. Asbury, I.B. Bates, A. Bestic, K.J. Bladen, D.T. Brennan, A.J. Booth, D.J. Brennan, D. Buchanan, D.C. Bucholtz, G.D. Burgess, R Bywater-Lutman, D.W. Caldwell, D.J. Campbell, L.E. Carroll, E.J. Charlton, I.D. Cooke, I.W. Coombe, B.C. Cooper, D.M. Cooper, M.A. Count, P.D. Coward, C.R Cox, C.J. Cromack, P. Cross, G.J. Crowley, C.A. Cunningham, J.P. Cutler, J.E. Davidson, C. Dawkins, T.J. Devine, T. Dinneen, L.G. Doyle, J.D. Duff, E.J. Ellis, M.D. Evans, KD.H. Felsche, A.J. Ferguson, M. Fletcher, S.L. Foley, S.W. Foley, G.M. Folkard, M.S. Foxe, G.P. Friend, R.N. Fry, J.O. Furner, E. Gall, T.J. Gibbings, W.J. Giles; A.C. Gillespie, D.J. Gillott, R.L.G. Grant, D.I. Grierson, I.G. Hands, A.W. Harkness, J. Healy, T.I. Heesom, D. Herbert, F.J. Hickling, S.L. Hill, A.D. Hinchon, S.W. Hirth, P.A. Howarth, A.D. Hughes, I.K. Hughes, J.P. Hunter, P.J. Hutchinson, N.D. Irwin, G.W. Jackson, T.H.R. Jackson, B.A. Jennings, A.A. John, W.S. Jolly, B.E.J. Johnson, K Jorgensen, R.A. Joy, M.L. Keam, P.G. Kearsley, W.T. Kendall, P.F Kent, P.H. Kirkham, A.W. Lane, R.G. Lange, F.V. Lepine, C.M. Lumley, J. Maloney, A.I.J. Mattay, P.R May, R.L. McCann, C.L.T. McDonagh, J.F. McDonagh, RS. McDonagh, B.W. McFarlane, A.R. Maclean, D.R. McKerral, D.J. McLachlan, N.W:J. McVilly, I.P. McWhirter, J. Maloney, D.N. Maddocks, G.J. Manning, M.B. Matthews, D.L. Morrison, A. Mostafa, H.W. Nicholson, L.A.C. Norman, M.R Norrie, SA Nowakowski, G.E.. Osborne, L.B. O’Reilly, K.P. Outridge, G.B. Parker, R.G. Parker, B. Peppler. L..A. Power, M.B. Powter, G.L. Precians, L.J. Ransome, K.P. Rawlings, R.T. Regan, J.V..Reid, S.M. Richardson, A.R. Roberts, D.G. Robertson, P.H. Robinson, N.J. Rogers, T.J. Rogers, S.M. Saddington, KL. Saunders, B.A.R. Scott, P.D.B. Scott, G. Selby-Adams, J.J. Sengelman, M.T. Sibley, M.J. Silverstone, A.C. Simpson, D.J. Smith, M.L.F. Spencer, P.M. Standen, RL. Sinclair, P.P. Smith, R.C. Stevenson, I.T. Stewart, B.R. Sullivan, RW. Supple, G.J. Swan, R.C. Tanner, I.C. Teague, D.N. Thornton, I. Throssell, A.L. Thwaites, R.A. Unger, K.W. Van Den Belt, M.T. Vogt, G.T. Watman, P.V. Watson, M.C. Webster, J.H. Welch, I.G. Westworth, M. Whybrow, P.E. Woolford, D.R. Woolmer, C.G. Wrangle

General Works


Scott E. Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 Australia During the War Sydney 1938
Long G. Official History of Australia in the War of 1939-1945 To Benghazi Canberra 1952
Barnard H. Military Schools and Courses of Instruction in the Science and Art of War New York 1872
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Bond B. The Victorian Army and the Staff College 1854-1914 London 1972
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Mornington Peninsula – Preserving the Past Melbourne 1978
Clark C.M.H. A History of Australia vol I MUP 1962
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Official History of Australia’s Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1975:
Edwards P.
O’Neill R.McNeil I.G.
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